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A Deity Encyclopedia


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Brigit. Known also as Brighid, Bridget, Brigid, Brigandu in Brittany, Brigantia,and Bride. Imbolg is commonly called St. Brigid's Day in the mundane world and celebrated the day before Imbolg, on February 1.

Her animals include the swan,the cow, the wolf, the snake, and the vulture. She is associated with the cauldron, springs, and wells. Milk and blackberries are her sacred foods. Brid can be seen in flames and the hearth of your home.
White is her color and the number nineteen is her number. She has long been connected with the trefoil, shamrock, triquerta, and any solar signs. She is a Goddess that you can call upon for almost anything. Brid is the Goddess of fire, the sun, poetry, crafting, inspiration, healing, midwifery, divination, smithcraft, fertility, animal magick, music, protection, and creativity. In many Celtic traditions, it's customary to pour out the first drink of home brew in honor of Brigit, who also takes on the duties of patron Goddess of Brewing.

To Honor Brid in Your Home

An effective way to honor the Goddess Brid in your home is to keep a white prayer candle lit whenever you are home. Ask for her guidance and protection for your home and family, especially your children.

If you are painting a wall in your home, use the new color to paint one of her symbols on your wall while saying a prayer to her. Perhaps to thank her for all the wonderful gifts that she has bestowed upon you. Then paint the wall over with the new color. It will not be visible, but energies and honor will remain.

Another great thing you can do is place one of her symbols over your hearth or stove. It would be best if it were something handmade or made of natural materials.

Fix a blackberry cobbler and serve it to your loved ones with vanilla ice cream.

The best way, of course, is to simply open your door and ask Brid in.

A Ritual for Inspiration
Fill your tub with very warm water and add herbs or bath salts of your choice. Carve Brid's symbols into a white candle. Light the white candle and turn off the other lights. While in the bath water, focus on the flame while asking for Brid's inspiration.
Write the inspirational need that you have on a piece of paper. Focus clearly on your intent and need. Place the paper in a cauldron and burn it. Burn it until it is nothing but ashes. Later, in the light of the sun, walk outside and send the ashes upon the wind whispering your thanks to Brid

Brids Philtre

Approximately 1 teaspoon of each:
Heather, sage, rosehips, asheleaf, hazel leaf, chamomile, benzoin or dragons blood.

Brids Oil

2 drams almond or olive oil
1 dram sage oil
1 dram dragons blood
crushed garnet
Warm slowly on low heat in an enamel pan. Let cool and then place in small corked bottles. Charge in a circle and then wear or use to anoint candles.