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A Deity Encyclopedia


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God of the sun and light, his name means "shining one." He is also called Lamfada, which means "the long hand," because his weapons were the sword and the sling. Lugh is a handsome God, perpetually youthful, full of vigor, and has so much energy he knows virtually all arts and crafts. He is described as having long arms, like the rays of the sun. He was a carpenter, warrior, druid, mason, smith, harper, poet, physician and goldsmith.

For the Celts, who lived in central Europe, Lugh was a Sun god. The underworld god Balor was his grandfather. Balor was the leader of the Fomorii. The Fomorii were evil people that lived in the underworld.

According to a prophecy, Balor was to be killed by a grandson. To prevent the happening of the prophecy, Balor tried to kill his grandson, but Lugh miraculously survived. Lugh was secretly raised by the god of the sea ,Manannan, and became an expert warrior.

When he reached manhood, he joined the peoples of the goddess Dana, named the Tuatha De Danaan, to help them in their struggle against the Fomorii and Balor. Balor had an evil eye capable of killing whomever looked at it. Lugh threw a magic stone ball into Balor's eye, and killed Balor.

Lugh corresponds to the Welsh god Lleu and the Gallic Lugos. From Lugh's name derives the names of modern cities such as Lyon, Laon and Leyden. Today, people remember the figure of Lugh with a festival which commemorates the beginning of the harvest in August.

Role: God of Light, Lightning,Vital force, esp. for Battle, Protection, or Healing and(Protection of) Wild and cultivated harvest

Invoke Lugh: Overcoming obstacles,Victory & Success,Skill in anything,Protection,Healing,Oaths, Social Contracts, Board Games, esp Fidchell/Chess, Ball Games, Horse racing

Symbols: Spear ,Raven,Wolf,Twin Serpents,Mistletoe,Wren, Horse

Colours: White,Gold,Red,Stormy grey and blue

Offerings: mead, wine, beer, whiskey, bread, first fruit (especially blackberries), coins