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A Deity Encyclopedia


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Moon goddess Artemis brings the gift of strength to say NO to forces that inhibit or bind you. With the ruthless power Artemis gives you, you are a powerful being able to bring an end to destructive forces in order to start afresh.

Related essences: Patchouli, sandalwood, geranium

Related gemstones: Garnet, bloodstone, tourmaline, smoky quartz (red stones)

Artemis is the virginal moon goddess roaming the forest with her band of nymphs, bearing the bow and quiver, avoiding men and killing any male who looks on her. But this familiar form was only one of the identities assumed by this complex Greek goddess, the warlike Artemis said to have been the special goddess of the Amazons. Artemis represents the Maiden goddess. She came to represent the variable energies of the feminine. She was therefore contradictory: she was the virgin who promoted promiscuity; she was the huntress who protected animals; she was a tree, a bear, the moon. Artemis was the image of a woman moving through her life and assuming different roles at different times; she was a veritable encyclopedia of feminine possibility. There an order exists so unlike human order that it seems to us formless and free, but this freedom is that of complete obedience to instinct, which animals still follow while humans do not. Artemis in this form was the "Lady of the Beasts," the force who assured their individual deaths and the survival of the species. As mistress of the animals, she was the invisible game warden of the Greeks, killing with sharp arrows anyone who hunted pregnant beasts or their young. Again as instinct, she ruled reproduction, both sex and birth.